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Henry VIII's real intention for the Monasteries

The Dissolution of the Monasteries, Episode 1 of 5

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For decades we have understood the Dissolution of the Monasteries, which took place in the late 1530's during the reign of Henry VIII, in a short hand, summarised and sanitised version of events. Professor James Clark, in his book 'The Dissolution of the Monasteries. A New History' published by Yale University Press in 2021, looks at how the dissolution unfolded for the ordinary people and exposes the received history and its short hand explanations of the process as way too simple and, in many ways, inaccurate.

In this series "The Truth About the Dissolution of the Monasteries," over 5 episodes, Professor James Clark discusses in fascinating detail, how the dissolution unfolded.

In this episode, Episode 1 - Henry VIII's real intention for the Monasteries of England and Wales

"The starting point for the dissolution is NOT a total dissolution."

"The story to be told is not endlessly revisiting the drama between Henry, Cromwell and Anne Boleyn but actually trying to understand what it means for people in the Kingdom of England."

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Episodes in this series:

  • Episode 1 - Henry VIII's real intention for the Monasteries of England and Wales

  • Episode 2 - How the Pilgrimage of Grace may have led to the more monasteries being closed

  • Episode 3 - What was the Valor Ecclesiasticus?

  • Episode 4 - What really happened when a monastery was closed.

  • Episode 5 - "Even in 1539, they still don’t believe the end is coming."

There is a bonus hour with James in which he discusses what Anne Boleyn thought about the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the fundamental lack of consistency in Henry's ideas on religion, and what happened to the women ejected at the closure of the religious institutions, among many other fascinating topics. Join to access it.

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