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Sex in Tudor England

Did Mary, Queen of Scots have an affair with Bothwell?

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Princes in the Tower - Case closed?

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The History of Armistice Day, with Gareth Russell

Did Edward V escape the Tower of London?

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The Heartbreaking Story of Charlotte, Princess of Wales

Gunpowder Plot of 1605, things you didn't know (probably)

Abbey, Castle, Rubbish Gunpowder and Books

My visit Churchill War Rooms

Passive resistance to the dissolution of the monasteries was strong!

King John, 807 years dead today

Henry VIII reads my Substack

Raising the Mary Rose

Jane Seymour's bedroom at Hampton Court Palace

Power hungry and pious? The Tudor Matriarch, Margaret Beaufort

Historic Worcester, the Mappa Mundi at Hereford Cathedral and Cleeve Abbey in Somerset

The oldest map in the World

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Arthur Tudor, a Tudor Disaster

2023 Tour Season is complete so what now?

Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots PLUS how did Americans and the British lose 11 whole days!

Finding Tudor Treasures with Dr Jonathan Foyle

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Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley

The Great Fire of London, the Tudors are online this Autumn...

They didn't see the end coming!

What really happened when a Monastery closed?

The Great Fire of London | Tea Time History Chat Live

What was the Valor Ecclesiasticus?

The Pilgrimage of Grace may have led to monasteries being closed!

Henry VIII's real intention for the Monasteries

Incredible Roman Remains

The History of Westminster and Whitehall

Shakespeare, Russell and Tea!

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The Armada Maps

Gareth Russell | Historian Interview

The shocking truth about why you can't see Henry VII's bed!

Ghosts and Guiding at Hampton Court Palace with Sarah Slater

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Why does Anne Boleyn's Story continue to captivate?

What it was like to explore The Private Life of Anne Boleyn

The Rise of the Tudors goes on general sale!

The Badges and Mottos of the Queens of Henry VIII

Magna Carta, and a new Tudor discovery!

Exciting new Tudor find!

Who were the Diggers?

The Rise of the Tudors - Tour News

Charles II, Jane Seymour and The Peasant's Revolt

Anglo Saxon England explained?

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Anne Boleyn at the Tower of London

Wars of the Roses and The Battle of Tewkesbury

No one is talking about this part of the Coronation

Mortal Monarchs

Anne Boleyn - May 1536

The Beginning of the end for Anne Boleyn

Why Mary, Queen of Scots hated Tutbury Castle

A Queen's Prison, Tutbury Castle

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RMS Titanic and a survivor of the Reformation

Treason and Executions

The Anglo Saxon roots of Easter

Reading Arthur Tudor's Tomb

A survivor of the Dissolution of the Monasteries

Was Henry VIII Infertile?

Elizabeth I dies, Cranmer is executed

The final days of Elizabeth I and the Execution of Archbishop Cranmer

I knew it!

A new look at the Dissolution of the Monasteries

Jane Seymour - Tackling Two Myths About Henry VIIIs Third Queen

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Henry VIII nearly died, in 1525

Tea Time History Chat | 1st March 2023

Hever Castle and the new Catherine and Anne exhibition

King John's Will, thumb bone and the skin if the Dane!

The Legend of the Dane's Skin

Mary, Queen of Scots Letters

Why Henry VIII is buried with Jane Seymour

Mary, Queen of Scots is executed on this day on 1587

Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon Necklace

Treason! How can a king be tried for treason?

Anne Boleyn's Love Letters

How did Anne Boleyn's letters get to the Vatican? The Princes in the Tower will be left in peace.

Elizabeth I's Locket Ring

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The Tudors and the Dudleys who served them

The House of Dudley with Dr Joanne Paul

Katherine of Aragon dies, Whitehall burns and Nelson is buried!

Book Club, Katherine of Aragon new video and welcome to 2023!